Agreement Of Labor Contract

A training contract is concluded in writing in two copies. The list of required services (services) in organizations, subsidiaries, representative offices related to the safety, health care and essential public interests of individuals is established and approved in each economic sector (sub-sector) of the economy by the federal executive body empowered to coordinate and manage activities in the respective branch (section) of the economy. , in accordance with the agreement reached with the Russian national union concerned. If there are several Russian national unions in one branch (part) of the economy, a list of minimum benefits (services) is approved after agreement with each of the Russian national unions that exist in the (subsector) sector of the economy. The procedures for establishing and approving the minimum amount of benefits (services) required are defined by the Government of the Russian Federation. If the worker comes to work with the employer on the day of the blood donation (except hard work and work with harmful and/or dangerous working conditions, if the worker does not come to work, he must, at his request, benefit from another day off. Employment relations are established on the basis of an employment contract following an appointment to a position or confirmation in cases defined by law, other normative acts or by the charter of organization (status). In the event of termination of an employment contract under Article 77, paragraph 11, of this code, the employer must pay an equal reduction to the average monthly salary paid to an employee if a breach of the provisions of the conclusion of an employment contract is not due to the worker`s fault. “The relationship between an employer and an isolated worker is usually a relationship between one power and another that is not a vehicle for power. In its birth, it is an act of submission, in its action it is a condition of subordination, even if submission and submission can be concealed by the indispensable cowardice of the legal spirit called the “employment contract”. The main concern of labour law was, and… will always be a counter-power to counter the inequality of bargaining power inherent in the working relationship and inherent. [8] The structure of the occupational health and safety service in the organization and the number of people employed in the occupational health and safety service are determined by the employer based on the recommendations of the federal steering committee for work. A worker has the right to enter into an employment contract with another employer on the terms of the external combination of jobs, unless that code or any other federal legislation prohibits it.

In order to ensure compliance with occupational health and safety requirements and to exercise control over their implementation, an occupational health and safety service is set up in each organization that carries out production activities, with more than 100 people, otherwise the position of occupational health and safety expert will be created in this area. , with appropriate training or work experience. Differences in the investigation, conclusion and recording of accidents in production, non-recognition of an accident by the employer or its agent, refusal to investigate an accident and the corresponding statement, the disagreement of the victim or his substitute with the content of that statement is examined by the national authorities responsible for occupational safety or by the court. In these cases, the filing of a complaint is not grounds for non-compliance with the decisions of the occupational health and safety inspector by the employer or its authorized representative. In the absence of a union in a local organisation, as well as when the union comprises less than half of the employees locally, workers may, at their general meeting (conference), entrust local unions or any other representative of their interests.

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