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Multi-Axis Live Turning Center VS Conventional Turning

multi-axis, machining, turning, machining shop, full cnc, full cnc shop, convential turning, live turningWelcome to our monthly blogs! We will be sharing with you lots of information throughout these blogs about machining and what it is we do at VP Machine.

In this month’s blog, we wanted to take a moment to educate you about the differences between Multi-Axis Live Turning Center and Conventional Turning. At VP Machines we offer Multi-Axis Live Turning. Why is that? Let’s find out!

Conventional Turning: Involves changing the shape of a work piece using an implement made of harder material. It requires more time and energy, which in return can increase the cost of your project. There are some cases where it is not feasible.

Multi-Axis Turning: This utilizes more than one set of centers in the same piece. With this, it results in the ability to process intersecting shapes in one item. It provides the ability to create simple to complex projects.

Now you may be wondering, what is Live Turning?

Well, shops used to buy a milling machine, a turning machine, a drill press, and more machines that would all do each part of manufacturing to complete a project. Now, it has become easier and more preferred to use CNC (Computer Numerical Control), or live tools, to combine steps into one machine rather than using one machine per step. This does not change metal cutting; it only takes out the need to physically move the project from one machine to another.

As you can guess Multi-Axis Live Turning is more cost effective and allows us to create those complex jobs you might need to have done. Within Multi-Axis turning with milling, we have the ability to create product with 2, 3, & 4 axis turned with milled features on parts. And, if you ever need to have any simple or complex turning work with milled features completed, give VP Machine a call!

VP Machine LLC is located in Hamburg, PA and is a full-service CNC machining shop ready to meet your needs. We specialize in milling and turning and we offer 2 axis, 3 axis, 4 axis, manual milling, sawing and more. We have the ability to take on special one off projects, as well as supply machined cast products and finished cast products. We have the ability to ship around the United States, but are local to Harrisburg, Reading, Hamburg, and Allentown PA. Contact us for more info.

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